My mission is to help parents understand
the value of their intuition and wisdom.


Hi, my name is Mel Greenhalgh, and I am so grateful to be able to helpparents understand that Good Enough Parenting is the only way to live.



I live on a rural property in NSW with The Milko and our
4 gorgeous but sometimes exhausting children.


Melanie Greenhalgh’s qualification’s and expertise comes from 20+ years in the youth,        community and human services industry. Mel has also learnt a lot from the school of life and has had more than her fair share of knock downs – all of which have helped her develop
a personal resilience and empathy for life. Mel often recounts how these challenges have helped shape her approach to life, parenting and being an active citizen in her community.

Mel has 17 years speaking experience. Having started her career as a Youth Worker in her teens, Mel’s strength has been supporting and inspiring people into action. After cutting her teeth as a youth worker Mel quickly rose into leadership roles. Mel is a great communicator (she can talk and then talk some more) who gives people the options available to them to be better workers, better parents, better people. Mel spent many years working as a trainer and teacher in a number of settings including higher education. It was while Mel was in these
training roles that she discovered her passion and natural talent for speaking and informing people about the social issues she is passionate about.

It has been many years in the making but with a dream in her heart she started her own         business and here you find her. With the death of her mother and her sister within 6 months of each other in 2009 life changed for Mel and shook the foundations of her being. In the midst of this Mel and her husband became the parents to her sister’s children. They came with some special needs and challenges that as a family they were not prepared for. Mel had to make a choice - curl up in bed and let it all happen around her or get up and get what her family needed.

Mel is living proof that we can all get through the good and the bad times if we have the right information and support. Mel uses her unique style and commitment to empowering others to share the knowledge she has developed during her career. Her voice is authentic, raw and real - she is well known for saying the things others are thinking but would never dare say.