For a belly laugh and possibly some LBL (light bladder leakage) read on.......

How Flowers Will Let Me Know My Marriage is Over

 In a way only Mel can - she explains what flowers mean in her marriage

3 Signs it Was Not a Good Idea to Get Out of Bed Today
 Ever been given a clue to slow down and spend the day in bed?

It's been a while?
 Missing in Action for a number of reasons,
some exciting and some not.


I is for Insomnia
Waking up is hard to do
when you haven't been to sleep yet.

Fence Post

Climbing Hills
Sometimes being above the world
means we can see the trees for the forest.


How do you do it?
Turns out not everyone understands that
kids come first, parents come second.


 Judgement is a Dirty Word
We all judge others, but judgement
may not be as bad as you first thought.

Haters Quote

Bossy, Bitchy or Bang On?
Reading an article changed the world view
of a 12 year old call called bossy her whole life.

What makes you different Mel?
Mel answers the question - what makes me different from any mum out there
putting forward her opinion?

How was your day?
 Warning: This post comes to you from
one worn out and jaded mumma bear..

Driving Mum Home?
The final drive home was nothing like Mel had imagined. But you do what you have to do.