Mel has used humour to get her through her life. But Mel knows laughter is only part of the formula to getting real information to people so they can make informed decisions. Whether it is new ideas, tools, strategies or ways to adjust our own thinking, Mel has a unique skill set that brings people along and opens up new




Children, Young People and Families
Family life doesn't come with a recipe book or a formula. But there are ways to parent that help children and young people reach adulthood and make positive contributions.

Mel can present on a range of topics including motivational and educational presentations or workshops. She can cater to a
variety of needs by changing up the format and lengths – she has something for everyone.


Kids on Beach

Wisdom and Intuition
There is only one family who knows what your family needs. That's you. Perfection is over-rated, good enough for today is the only way to live. Explore your options and get some information about how your wisdom and intuition can get you through even the toughest of times.

Raising Young Women
In a world where parents are being inundated with messages about perfection, we need to reassess how we include or indeed choose not to include this information into our lives. As the adults we have much more choice than we are led to believe. Mel can help you understand why 'good enough' will work better than
perfection in the long run.


Kids on Beach

Raising Young Men

Tuning in and understanding your child is critical in fostering open and honest communication. We also need to understand the ages and stages as a process and that we don't simply move from
being an adult to being a child. Mel can provide you with
information and options for parenting during all the phases.

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